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Jack Hutslar, Editor/Publisher/Creator. . . since 1979
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Sport Scene . . . is for youth and school coaches, parents, teachers, directors, community leaders, and youth work professionals who are involved with children and teenagers in youth sport leagues, recreation, education, fitness and health. Articles are written by directors, coaches, physicians, teachers, parents and professionals in many other fields.

Sport Scene . . . is about kids and sports . . . not stars, scores and standings. We leave that stuff to the mass media. Sport Scene is similar to the popular insider magazines on computers, psychology, science and business. Sport Scene focuses on tots, children and teenagers, issues and programs, and how adults can work with youngsters in a more positive and safe manner. When there is something to be shared or learned about community sports, school activities related to fitness, recreation, education, sport or health issues, it will appear in Sport Scene.

The purposes of articles, information and news in Sport Scene are to: help youth leaders become more effective coaches and teachers, increase participation, decrease injuries and drop outs, and show how sports can become more enjoyable for children, parents, coaches, teachers, directors, and other youth leaders who work with children and teenagers.

Articles in Sport Scene include:

• model program ideas
• coaching tips
• book reviews
• questions and answers
• research summaries
• opinions & commentaries
• fitness ideas & safety tips
• discipline & character development
• being a positive influence
• seasonal tips on skill
• personal development
• leadership, plus more

Sport Scene Publishing Schedule

A special announcement about Sport Scene:

The electronic editions of Sport Scene, starting with Vol.13., No. 1, can be viewed at

The NAYSI web page is now on line so the publication schedule for Sport Scene has been revised. It is now published six times annually. Just two editions will be distributed in hard copy format for direct mail. Another four electronic editions will be reproduced on line only at Subscribers will receive two hard copies annually and may read the on line editions as time permits.

Sample complimentary copies are available upon request for distribution at your group meeting.

Writers who wish to submit articles may do so electronically at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Articles should be short 250 words or less, written in plain language, contain practical information, and documented where appropriate.

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