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NAYSI invites three levels of support.
They are headline sponsor, page sponsor and advertiser.

  • Advertising Objective: To develop www.NAYSI.com into the most widely used internet site where visitors can ask questions and get answers, while advertisers and sponsors prosper
  • Mission: to provide the most widely known question and answer source on the internet for FRESH ideas (fitness, recreation, education, sport, health) for people who work with boys and girls with opportunities for commercial success for participating advertisers and sponsors
  • Market: The market for the NAYSI web site and services as well as the associated products is teachers at all levels (K-12 and college), parents, youth coaches, recreation leaders, youth workers, community leaders, program directors, administrators, school coaches, students, and business sponsors. They are affiliated with youth organizations, schools, colleges, local government offices, military bases, churches, national headquarters and business.

There are an estimated 40+ million youngsters in community sports programs today plus another six million boys and girls in high school sports in the USA. There are well over 125 million people (parents to professionals) in support of these youngsters. This represents over 45% of the US population, more if you count the players themselves. You can also add Canada and Mexico (where I have an affiliate) to our market as well. As you know, there is no limit to the reach of www.NAYSI.com.