xThe Purpose Of The

NAYSI On-Line Course

The NAYSI Online Course is for volunteer coaches, school coaches, teachers, interested parents, youth leaders, recreation leaders, camp leaders, church youth leaders, sport and fitness club pros and sales associates, youth work professionals, community leaders, youth program directors, board members

The NAYSI On-Line Course on Coaching with two (2) N.E.C.’s upon request* is offered for coaches, teachers, recreators, parents, directors, administrators, youth leaders, youth work professionals, board members, and students plus others who might benefit from an understanding of the growing world of kids and sports. It is self-paced

1. The purpose of this course: To help you become a more effective coach and youth leader so youngsters can learn faster, play in safety and have a lot more fun.

2. Enrollment fee: No charge. The NAYSI On-Line Course is free.

3. To enroll: Complete the On-Line enrollment form at the start of the test.

4. Credits: 2 NAYSI Education Credits (N.E.C.’s)*

5. The Text: Beyond X’s and O’s by Jack Hutslar, North American Youth Sport Institute, founder and CEO, on-line at no charge, $10.95 for the 231 page hard copy

6. What to do: Read and study Beyond X’s and O’s thoroughly over a 2 to 4 week period of time.

7. The Examination: Complete the 75 multiple choice study questions on-line.

8. Passing score: 80%

9. If you score 79% or less, you may retake the test as many times as needed until you pass the test.

10. The award or recognition:

~Personal sense of achievement

~ Admission to the International Registry of Coaches

~ 2 N.E.C.’s

11. Professionals who are seeking N.E.C.’s to meet professional growth or pay advancement criteria should obtain prior approval that the NAYSI On-Line Course can be used for that purpose.

* N.E.C’s: North American Youth Sport Institute offers two (2) NAYSI Education Credits (N.E.C.’s) with the successful completion of this electronic course of study. Professionals who seek credit to qualify for career advancement requirements should obtain written approval from their supervisor prior to registration for this course. Independent study assignments can be developed for the course to increase the number of credits earned.

For more information about independent study options, contact:

Jack Hutslar, Ph.D.
North American Youth Sport Institute
Huddleston, Virginia 24014
800 767-4916 or 336 407-2157 [m]
Jack@NAYSi.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view itwww.NAYSi.com

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